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What is Onsite CPR Training?

Onsite CPR training is bringing a certified trainer right to your place of business, minimizing the number of time employees spend commuting to/from an off-site CPR training class and reducing employee downtime.


We also customize the courses to meet your needs. Make a request, and we will accommodate to get your employees trained with the required courses.

Why bring First Aid, CPR, and AED training into your workplace or your location:

A group of adult education students prac
  • The convenience

  • It saves time and money

  • It makes lessons more practical and comfortable since students are in their “home” environment

  • The courses can be customized according to the organization or business needs.

  • It makes it easy to facilitate mandatory employee compliance

  • Acquire Skills that Save lives

  • Employees feel valued

  • Group discount rates provided

To host this class at your location

Group discounts provided

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